Sunday, January 3, 2010

In The Morning

"In The Morning"
© 2009 Nancy Laliberte
10" x 10" acrylic on paper
$175 framed

This piece makes me think of the fresh start of a new day and heading to the lake. Perhaps that is wishful thinking in January with a temperature of 8 degrees! One can dream though, right? This will be the last of the tree lines for a while as I am working on some floral and garden-themed pieces. Stay tuned...


Nancy Standlee said...

Love these trees. I see you have the Dillman link. I looked at their site today after finding that George Shipperley (Oil pastel) will be teaching there next June '11. I've never been there. Your name, Laliberte, I have a small book illustrated by Norman Laliberte. Any relation?

Nancy Laliberte said...

Thanks Nancy. Dillman's is a great place for workshops. The studio's are open 24/7, it's quiet, it's "northwoodsy," the staff is very nice, you can stay onsite or nearby in a hotel, there is a casino nearby-- Bob Burridge has been there ;-) They bring in a lot of quality instructors. I'm not sure if I am related to Norman Laliberte. My husband's ancestors came from France to Canada to Minnesota. Laliberte is a pretty sounding name when you use the French pronunciation (sounds like: La lee ber tay.)
Cheers! Nancy