Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sunflowers and Snowflakes

"Sunflower Study"
© 2010 Nancy Laliberte
8" x 6" acrylic on panel

This piece began as a plein air study last fall. I had about 30 minutes to paint until I had to pick up my son from school. I was able to get a good start on it, take a photo or two,then pack up my gear and pick up my son. Just this past week, I noticed it sitting forlornly in my studio. Needing a warm-up painting project, I set it up with the assignment of playing with brush strokes and color, and light and shadow. I think I had too much caffeine when I did this. The brush work seems is a bit frenetic. I will try another study--but this time with decaf.

And this, no, this is not a photo-realism painting. It is a view of my backyard this morning. It started snowing Friday afternoon and we woke up to this! A lot of the snow had already fallen off of the trees and by late this afternoon, it was gone. And that is fine with me. It is MAY for cryin' out loud!
Merry Christmas and Happy Mother's Day ; )

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