Thursday, August 5, 2010

Calorie-free Treat!

"Almond Joy"
© Nancy Laliberte
8" x 8" Acrylic on panel

It is interesting what a trip to the farmer's market can do for an artist! If you recall from my July 22nd post, I was inspired to paint cupcakes after a trip to the downtown Wausau farmer's market on the city square. My family has been cheering me on to paint these as quickly as possible. Why the rush? So they could eat my still life props!

On another note, I was one of five lucky artists to have my blog selected by Leslie Saeta and Dreama Tolle Perry to be featured on this morning's blog talk radio show, Artists Helping Artists. They shared some great tips on enhancing your blog helping it work harder for you while you are in the studio or out in the field doing what you do best--painting! I'll be making a few tweaks to mine over the next few days. Click here to listen!

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Diana Marshall said...

mmm.. looks yummy and I'm on a diet!!