Friday, November 12, 2010

Busy Fun

"Gather ’Round"
© Nancy Laliberte
5" x 4" watercolor on paper

Been having all kinds of busy fun this past week! Isn't that what life is all about? :-) Busy fun included a watercolor workshop, an Excel class, the conclusion of Where We Live, disassembling the show, delivering paintings to Riverfront Art Center in Stevens Point, WI for their holiday show, delivering paintings to the Center for the Visual Arts in Wausau for their holiday gift gallery and selling some more art--thank you collector friend! This painting is from the watercolor workshop I took at the Woodson Art Museum. I am vamping up my sketchbook journaling and travel journaling so a morning spent on watercolor techniques was very inspiring.

Speaking of Where We Live, I just want to thank my family at home--Nicholas, for your energy, enthusiasm and love of art; Erika, for all of your help with Nicholas and other "stuff;" and Mike, for your support, stability, and love; my family afar (you know who you are); my friends; the CVA staff; collectors who were touched enough by my work to give it a home--their home; and to my fellow artists and partners-in-crime, Val Berkely and Chris Mosse--you're both awesomely creative and I was honored to be in your company. Thanks everyone!
I love you all!

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WW said...

Nancy...thought I'd pop by and pay you a visit since you sent me an email after visiting mine.
You've got lovely paintings. Glad I came for a look :)
Feel free to post a message to my blog whenever you like. In fact...I've just posted a new piece of work. Stop by!