Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Family Entertainment-Sketchbook Journal Page

"Living in a Fish Bowl"
© Nancy Laliberte
sketchbook journal page
watercolor and micron pen

A day in the life of our pet fish, Maroon. My son Nicholas won Maroon and another fish named Goldie last year in kindergarten in an end of the science unit about fish raffle at school. (Goldie is no longer with us and is buried in our backyard under some sea shells.) I must admit Maroon is entertaining to watch. Sometimes he swims around that bowl so fast you'd think he was training to take on Michael Phelps. One morning we thought he was dead, but he was just sleeping. Soon he was swimming laps as usual. Life in a fish bowl. 


Carrie'sCreations said...

Love it Nancy!! Such a fun idea:) I won a gold fish at a school carnival in kindergarten, Charlie Snoopy. And that fish lived for 5 years with us and we gave him to a neighbor when we moved. Not sure how long he lived after that!

Nancy Laliberte said...

Great story Carrie! Thank you. I won a goldfish at the county fair. He lived for a loooong time and even survived a bowl catastrophe when my brothers were wrestling in the kitchen and knocked the bowl off the counter and onto the floor. Poor fish was slipping and sliding all over the place.

Any one else have a "fish" story to share? :-)

Barbara M. said...

Hi Nancy,

I love these drawings of the goldfish.
I had goldfish when I was a teenager. They were beautiful to watch.

Take care,


Crystal Cook said...

Beautiful sketches Nancy! I love that fish face poking out behind the plants. :) We have fish for our boys and I sometimes hate to even look in the tank because I'm afraid one's going to be dead! Fish are fragile little things.

Nancy Laliberte said...

Thanks Barbara and Crystal for your kind comments and fish "tales."