Friday, March 1, 2013

Fun Friday: Sketchbook Journaling on the Go...

"Ferocactus Pringlei"at The Living Desert, Palm Desert, CA
© Nancy Laliberte
pen and watercolor

Last week I was on vacation in the Palm Desert, CA area. It was sunny EVERY DAY. Bliss compared to the gray days and snow we have been having the last few weeks (feels like months). Whenever I travel I always bring a sketchbook. Sometimes I use it a little and sometimes a lot depending on the type of trip. This time I used it every day and then some. I really encourage you to keep some kind of journal when you travel. It can be sketches and notes, or ephemera (tickets, receipts, brochure bits of places you visit) or anything that appeals to you. When you take the time to sketch or write while you are in the midst of traveling, you gain so much more sensory-wise. When I look at these images, I remember the sunshine, the air, smells, and the activity around me. 
"Key's View"at Joshua Tree National Park, CA
© Nancy Laliberte
pen and watercolor

Sketching at Key's View at Joshua Tree National Park. An amazing place, I am definitely going back at some point to do more painting and sketching here. While to some, it may seem like miles of browns, but looking more closely, the colors are so much more than that.
"Hummingbird and Aloe"at The Living Desert, Palm Desert, CA
© Nancy Laliberte
pen and watercolor

Painting in-flight to help pass the time. All of my supplies went into the black and white
paisley bag and then I put that in my small carry-on bag. My water brushes, spray bottle and glue stick went into my quart-size TSA baggie.  
The goodies: sketch bag (Thirty-one Bag, 9" x 12"), a few water-soluble colored pencils, eraser, pencil, Uhu glue stick, Tombow brush markers, viewfinder, spray bottle, compact watercolor set, paper towel piece,  Handbook Art Journal, water brushes, black Identi-pen, date stamper, 1/2" flat watercolor brush, Tombow brush marker in black, Pitt pen in sepia, Pentel brush pen, an extra black pen, Signo white, gold and silver pens. I have a small cross-body bag I use when out and about, and would just bring the essentials with me: journal, water brushes, watercolor set, paper towel, viewfinder, pen, phone, and a snack. 

Art & Soul Creative Journaling Class March 5th
Next Tuesday is the March session of the Art & Soul Creative Journaling class I teach from 5:45 pm - 7:45 pm at the Wausau Hobby Lobby store. We will be working on travel journaling techniques--watercolors, collage, writing, drawing and more - perfect timing for your next trip. All supplies are included except your journal. I will be bringing some vacation items, but feel free to bring some of your own objects (sea shells, souvenirs) and ephemera (tickets, brochures, pictures). Sign up is on my website. And, yes, there will be chocolate. While you are there be sure to check out the other workshops and classes I have going this year.

A Big Shout-Out
A big shout-out to my fellow artist blogger friend, Mary Maxam. Mary had a painting give-away for her blog followers and guess who won? Yes, moi! I am so thrilled!!! Thank you, Mary! Mary's work is amazing so be sure to check out her blog and website.

Studio Fan Page
I have a studio fan page on Face book where I post behind the scenes art happenings in and out of my studio. If you haven't already Liked it, then you should and feel free to share with your friends. Thanks! I appreciate your awesome support!

Have a great weekend! 
I have a workshop I am teaching tomorrow at the Center for the Visual Arts in Wausau, and am so excited! 
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mary maxam said...

Hi Nancy, You're very welcome!I love your idea for sketching during a flight- yes,why not? this is creative thinking for sure- it inspires me to try it. Love all your sketches here.

Theda said...

What wonderful sketches from your vacation! I can't wait to travel, so I can take along my sketchbook and do the same. You are an inspiration! Did I say that before?

Randall Cogburn said...

Wow what a viewpoint to paint from. Does the rock come with a seatbelt lol. Nice watercolor sketches Nancy. I used to do sketches just about everywhere using those Moleskine sketchbooks.


Nancy Laliberte said...

Mary-yes, definitely try sketching and painting in-flight. The water brushes are great if there is any turbulence, too.
Theda-thank you for your kind words. You just might have to plan a trip soon so you can travel sketch! ;)
Randall-No seat belt on the rock, but not a bad idea because it was a bit windy up there! Thanks!