Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Good times when Playing with Paint

October Playing with Paint
A happy group of Artists!
Thank you, Kaye, JeriAnn, Pam, Wilva, Mary, Marlys, Jeanne, Heidi, Zoey, Carla and Elizabeth
Anyone else feel October was over in a blink?! This fall my teaching schedule has been full, in a good way. It means wonderful opportunities for sharing my love of art, and meeting amazing artists. Some may not think they are an artist, but I believe it as soon as they sign up for a class. There is something in their heart calling to them, a creative desire needing to be filled. I am always honored to be a part of their creative journey.

This Saturday is the November class of Playing with Paint. We will be painting a Cezanne-inspired still life with apples, pears and draped fabric and learning about Paul Cezanne. I love infusing painting and art history, and Cezanne is a favorite for many, myself included. Details are here.

More images from the October class...

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