Monday, May 11, 2009


5" x 7" acrylic on paper
© 2009 Nancy Laliberte
archival mat 11" x 14", unframed
$85 plus shipping
My crocus' are done blooming and some of my tulips are starting to open. It is taking a lot of Liquid Fence to keep the rabbits and deer from munching my painting subjects. This piece actually started out by making a mess, that is I cleaned off my palette by getting the paint pretty wet and using a wet Viva paper towel to make splotches and blobs of many colors. I did this to several pieces of gessoed watercolor paper. Once the paint was dry, I started looking for abstract shapes within the positive and negative spaces. Soon "Blooming" came to life.

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sharon said...

I love the paintings. will be checking for more paintings on your site.