Friday, August 26, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life continued


Apple studies

Some more goodies from the Carol Marine workshop I attended earlier this month. I did a few of these to keep practicing the concepts we were learning. 

Three Cherries value study
5" x 4"

I did a few of these, too, to work on seeing values. One can never practice these enough, IMO.

Door County night life includes miniature golfing in case you didn't know. We had so much fun and Carol hit the most incredible, wackiest hole-in-one I ever did see.  

For my wall of fame :-) Thanks Carol for a fabulous week!


Sandy Graeser Haynes said...

Nancy. loved looking through your postings.... wow, girl ! keep it up. I especially loved all the apples. (I've done apples for the past 2 days) I love your stems, and the areas around them. I love the way your values read so well with the forms.....
Haven't heard any more about Barcelona... we'll see.. ha ha ha

Kathy Cousart said...

Nancy, I have also enjoyed looking at your blog and your postings on Carol Marine. You did a wonderful job with all the studies and exercises that Carol recommends. I loved Carol and the workshop that I got to do in Atlanta was amazing. Thanks for reminding me of some of the key things that she teaches us all.

Crystal Cook said...

How cool that you got to go to Carol Marine's workshop!! Your work looks beautiful, the apples are very well done! And, well, I'm kinda jealous that you got to hang out with Carol. :) But you know jealous in a nice, so happy for you kind of way. :D