Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life

Apple Pair
© Nancy Laliberte
oil on panel

In my last post, I mentioned I was headed to Door County, WI, for a painting workshop with Carol Marine. WOW what a workshop! would be the best way to summarize it. Carol is an amazing teacher. Somehow in the way she explains concepts, she knows the right analogies that work for my brain. I had A LOT of aha! moments. Now, I need a few months for my hand and eye to catch up with my brain and I am actually very excited about that-- The Process! WooHoo! Thanks, Carol!

Apple Pair is the first painting I did at the workshop. It was all about incorporating shapes, saturated color, highlights, shadows, edges, transitions, and about 500 other things you need to remember in painting. I think Carol was going easy on us as she wanted to make sure we would come back the next day. ;-) 

Time(d) for Apples
© Nancy Laliberte
oil on panel

A timed painting exercise in getting the essence of our subject in one or two strokes per color. Not as easy as you may think, but really fun and challenging. 

Genius at Work

Carol's Completed Demo Painting

Note the handy panel holder the painting sits on--check out Carol's blog on how to get one of those. It really makes working on a 6 x 6 surface so much easier. 

I will include more about the workshop in my next post--which will be this month yet. I think my summer travels are over. It's been a sweet time filled with family and art!


Jerry Stocks said...

Love your apples and so glad you enjoyed Carol Marine's workshop. I took one from her in Dec. and am still digesting everything I learned.

Marilyn R Miller said...

Hi! I am so glad you are back!!! The Carol marine workshop sounds like it was even better than anticipated. Wonderful!

CVA School of Art said...

WOW factor apples! Thanks for sharing.....

Carrie'sCreations said...

Nancy, your apples are fabulous!! Really one of my favorites of yours. I'm sure the workshop was amazing I've only heard good things about Carol's teaching.

Barbara M. said...

Great painting. That must have been fun. I love Carol Marine's work.

Take care,