Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Family Entertainment-Sketchbook Journal Page

"Living in a Fish Bowl"
© Nancy Laliberte
sketchbook journal page
watercolor and micron pen

A day in the life of our pet fish, Maroon. My son Nicholas won Maroon and another fish named Goldie last year in kindergarten in an end of the science unit about fish raffle at school. (Goldie is no longer with us and is buried in our backyard under some sea shells.) I must admit Maroon is entertaining to watch. Sometimes he swims around that bowl so fast you'd think he was training to take on Michael Phelps. One morning we thought he was dead, but he was just sleeping. Soon he was swimming laps as usual. Life in a fish bowl. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Mother's Rose

A Mother's Rose
© Nancy Laliberte
6" x 6" acrylic on panel

A colorful rose painting that will never wilt. This Mother's Day flower came from my youngest son (7) who surprised me with it after church. He was so proud. I was so honored. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Journaling and Jurying

"A Mother's Day Bouquet" 
Flowers from my Family
© Nancy Laliberte
watercolor and micron pen
I'm not sure when it happened. One day, a couple of years ago, I came across Danny Gregory's website and discovered his book, Every Day Matters. After reading it, I was hooked. I then purchased his book, Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to be the Artist You Truly Are.  It's part drawing lessons, part pep talk and a whole lot of inspiration. So get yourself a sketchbook and a pen, any kind will do, and just start drawing, doodling and painting. There are no rules, just pages waiting for you to record your life, your every day matters.

Last week I had the opportunity and honor of judging, and then presenting the awards on Friday evening at the opening reception of the Wisconsin Valley Art Association's 34th Annual Memorial Exhibit. Artist Patrick Plunkett received the Best of Show with his sculpture, Christ on the Cross. Pat's work is extraordinary--very moving and thought provoking. If you are in the Wausau area, be sure to stop in at the Center for the Visual Arts to check out this show in the Loft Gallery, and the Lost and Found show in the main gallery featuring the mixed media paintings of my friend Ginnie Cappaert. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Just for the Art of It

"Unleashing My Inner Artist"
© Nancy Laliberte
12" x 12" x 1-3/8" acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas
Every spring the Center for the Visual Arts in Wausau has its annual "Just for the Art of It" fundraiser. For the past three years, Val Berkely and I have been co-chairs for the "Art by the Foot" grid. My painting donation for this year was a still life from my studio--some of my favorite art goodies. The winning bidder shared with me that he won an art award in ninth grade and was looking forward to getting back into art once he retired. I was very touched by his story. It is always exciting when your artwork inspires others.
Check out the CVA's Facebook page for more paintings that were a part of the auction. If you are bummed you missed out, mark your calendar for next year. It is usually the first Friday in May.