Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekend Sketchbook

"Bearded Iris"
© Nancy Laliberte
sketchbook journal page
canson sketchbook, pentel brush pen, yarka pan watercolors, 
golden fluid acrylics, zig paint pen

Flipping through my sketchbook, I realized I did not post this entry from a while back. I experimented with some new materials when I created it with some results being successful and some not so much. Let's just say, fluid acrylics you are my friend. : ) And that is what a sketchbook is all about. Experimenting, allowing for some oops, and just goofing around and not being perfect. As my artist friend Bob Burridge says, "Perfect is boring." 

Now go grab your sketchbook, a notebook, even hotel stationery will work, and experiment--goof around with pens, crayons, make a mess, whatever. Just fill some pages and have some fun!


suzannepaints said...

This is beautiful, Nancy. Would love to be able
to see the show you juried. Your statement is
powerful and helps me see the eye of the beholder

I'm in San Antonio at the fabulous Greenhouse
Gallery. Many very wonderful works on display

Nancy Laliberte said...

Thanks so much, Suzanne.
Here is a link to see some of the images from the Winter's Garden show.

Nancy Goldman said...

I love this sketch. It's got so much personality and is really beautiful.

Nancy Laliberte said...

Thanks Nancy, I appreciate that!

Sandy Graeser Haynes said...

I love the playfulness of this one. It really dances on the page !

Jane said...

Beautiful and sunny Iris, very well done!

Nancy Laliberte said...

Thank you, Jane!