Friday, March 21, 2014

I heART Journaling – Travel Journaling

My family loves to travel, and I love combining traveling with journaling. Sure, I take a lot of photos, too, but there is nothing like taking a little more time and sketching and writing about what you see and feel along the way. You will find you'll remember so much more than what a photo shows. Looking at the sketch of my Caprese salad from a recent trip, I distinctly remember the taste of the creamy mozzarella cheese, the basil, the tanginess of the balsamic vinegar, not to mention how the salad was artfully plated. Vacation memories!

A fun sketch from a trip to Galena, Illinois, last summer. Downtown Galena has several blocks of fun shops. While my husband was golfing, my kids (Erika and Nicholas) and I went "exploring and adventuring" visiting various shops, and enjoying some treats along the way.  

This entry was from several years ago, and I am including it to show another way of recording a trip by using a timeline/calendar approach. It's a quick and simple way to journal and capture some great memories. It lends itself to daily journaling, too.

Journaling on the go - my travel journaling kit. Depending on the activity, I pare it down even more to just a pen, travel watercolor kit, and waterbrush. Here is an entry from a trip last year where I go into more detail about it.

Tomorrow I will be teaching a journaling class from 12 noon - 4 pm at the Center for the Visual Arts in Wausau, WI. While we won't be traveling, I will be sharing the techniques I use when travel journaling. I believe in hands-on learning, so there will also be a number of writing and mixed media exercises including stencil-making, and making your own mini-journal--perfect for traveling! There is room for a few more peeps--we are so lucky they have such a nice, big studio space!--just register with the CVA by stopping in or calling 715-842-4545. 


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Ginny Stiles said...

Nancy...I am a friend of Sharon Feathers and she sent me your blog which I now have on my favorites.

I am teaching a Zentangle class for the Wausau art group in July (see info on my blog).

I saw some Zentangle on your blog.

I dabble in wc, acrylic, collage, mixed media and Zentangle.

Nancy Laliberte said...

Hi Ginny, sounds like we enjoy many of the same things. Your Zentangle class sounds fun and creative. Thank you for sharing the info, and my blog.