Thursday, October 27, 2011

Poppy Glow and more...

 "Poppy Glow"
© Nancy Laliberte
4" x 4" x 1-3/8" oil on gallery-wrapped canvas
 side view

In my previous post I talked about being open to new opportunities. Recently I was asked to judge the 2011 Colorama art show for the Wisconsin Visual Artist's Guild. They are a very talented group of artists who show their work at the Reaching New Heights gallery inside Marshfield Clinic in Weston, WI, among other venues. Last Friday evening they had the awards ceremony, and a fundraiser for Marshfield Clinic's cancer research foundation. 

Every time I judge a show, I come away with an even deeper appreciation of what it takes to create, not only quality  and meaningful art, but art in general. Every piece is a part of you. And that is pretty amazing. 

Pictured here is Sharon Dowis receiving the Best of Show award for her piece, "My Kids." Sharon also won an Honorable Mention award for her photography. 

Here, Cindy Markowski receives a second place award for her painting, "Coloration: Nuthatches." Cindy has also had her work in the Woodson Art Museum's international Birds in Art show.

Thank you to the Wisconsin Visual Artist's Guild for the opportunity to be a part of your event! And a big THANK YOU to artist Sharon Feathers who provided these photos of the evening, and also received First Place for her piece, "Lost Hopes and Dreams."  

Click here to check out the Guild's blog and a complete listing of winners from the show.


Sharon Rotz said...

Thank you for sharing your insight with grace and a friendly smile. You did a wonderful explaining your choices and giving all of the artists present good pointers for improving their work.

Carrie'sCreations said...

Love, love, love the poppy. That is a lot of punch on such a small canvas! I'm positive you are a wonderful judge!! They were lucky to have you:)

Nancy Laliberte said...

Thanks Sharon --art is a journey to be shared.

Thank you Carrie. I had a lot of fun painting the poppy; more are coming. I learned A LOT from my Carol Marine workshop and, lo and behold, what she says works!

mary maxam said...

Wha a pleasure to visit your blog, I love the poppy, they are one of my fav's and you've done such a lovely job here. I also like the deep edge canvas and information on collage. You are a super busy and generous artist!

Nancy Goldman said...

Beautiful poppy Nancy. our colors really glow and I love the small format with the gallery wrapped canvas.